Cemetery Ridge

No, we don’t sell headstones or caskets or burial plots.  We do sell fine art and literature, conduct lectures and workshops, do poetry and prose readings and provide a small home gallery displaying the works of Norman Vincent Ulery.

Take a look around the multifaceted world of Cemetery Ridge and you’ll find everything from country recipes to blank verse to abstract art.

Along the Ridge...

Red Shed Studio
The Queen Bee

Red Shed Studio
Norman Vincent Ulery

Normajean MacLeod

Norman Vincent Ulery was a student of the late Herman Sachs at the Creative Arts Student’s League in Hollywood and worked on the WPA Artists’ Project in Los Angeles.  He became Brown County’s premier modern artist and an illustrator whose style is still visible in the community. Normajean MacLeod, a “Hoosier writer by birth”, has directed workshops for United Poets Laureate International and is a member of the International Lawrence Durrell Society.  Her works touch on the erotic, the spiritual, women and men, and the correlation between madness and creativity.
The Hebrides
Granny Gert

Hebrides Publishing
John C. MacLeod

Granny Gert's Corner
Gertrude Ulery

John C. MacLeod writes of his experiences as a young passenger on the SS Athenia, torpedoed in 1939, and as a “tincanner” on a US Navy destroyer in the Pacific during World War II.  Later works include observations on nature, people, memory and other subjects, in award-winning poetry and prose.

Gertrude Ulery, Norman’s loving and supportive wife, contributed old wives’ tales, wisdom and outstanding Hoosier recipes for such delights as persimmon pudding and saffron dumplings.

"Art is a way of life,
not The Way of Life."

-Norman Vincent Ulery

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